Security for a London Residence

A client called for security personnel to look after his London property whilst he was unable to be at the residence.

A client was going to be away from his residence for an extended period of time and was apprehensive about leaving his property unattended for a long period. We met the client to discuss his specific requirements such as whenever he required us to overtly or covertly protect his property. Once the client was content with the service we would be offering him, he was reassured before he had to leave the property.

Thomas Yorke supplied residential security personnel to cover the property for 24 hours a day so that the client could rest assured whilst he was away that his property was completely safe. The number of personnel available to us meant we could guarantee that the property would constantly be protected from potential outside influences.

Once the client had returned to the property, he was extremely relieved to see that the property was absolutely fine. He was so impressed with Thomas Yorke that he has stated he will call us again in the future whenever he cannot be at his residence.


  • Security – Thank you for everything that you have done for me in my absence. You have looked after the security of my house perfectly and prepared for my arrival with the finest details.

    Mrs Lily S
    Belgravia, London
  • Security – Many thanks for everything you did yesterday. The security consultation and following reports highlighted many areas that i need to take action. I look forward to our next meeting with your project manager to put the full security plan in to action.

    Mr Stewart
    Epping, Essex
  • Surveillance – I needed information on a person to find out what he was up to. Through a recommendation I instructed Thomas Yorke to help me with this matter. They conducted surveillance and provided me with video footage and images that I needed. Thanks for doing a great job.

    Mr Johnson
  • Process serving – A great thank you for helping get some urgent documents served on an individual. Your company was fast, efficient and completed the task without fuss.

  • Tracing – Thanks Richard and the team at Thomas Yorke for helping us to find a debtor. This put us in a position to go on and recover money owed to us. Thanks again!


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