Online Covert Vehicle Tracking Course


* Online Course £99 *

So you’ve seen the James Bond movies!! Learn how to deploy a covert vehicle tracker like the spooks at MI5 do. This course will teach you how and when to deploy a tracker, how to track someone using a tracking console and how to keep safe.

This online Covert Vehicle Tracking Course is aimed at beginners either to Covert Vehicle Tracking  or someone working in the Private Investigator sector who wants to learn more about Covert Vehicle Tracking. This is a level 3 course so good understanding of English is required.


The course includes the following modules.

1/. What are covert vehicle trackers and how do they work? – Here you will learn the workings of the GPS system and how the trackers work.

2/. The tracking console – You will learn the wealth of information you can get from the tracking console and how effective it is in live monitoring and historic date compilation.

3/. Their uses and limitations – Here you will learn the different uses of a tracker and the limitations of the devices.

4/. The Law and trackers – Here you will learn how to stay legal, but still be able to use trackers.

5/. Tracker deployment – Here you will learn how to deploy a tracker, learn a tried and tested method and where on the vehicle it’s good and not good to fix the tracker.

6/. Your safety – learn how to deploy a tracker in a safe way and how to look out for yourself whilst deploying the tracker.

7/. Real life stories- you cant beat what really happens in the real world. Here I tell you  three stories of my experiences. And one of them shows how things can go wrong!

* Online Course £99*

Practical Covert Vehicle Tracking Course


* 1 Day practical course £199*

You will learn all of the above elements, plus practice physical deployment of a tracker on a real cars.


* 1 Day practical course £199*

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