*5 day Course £1,000*

So you’ve seen the James Bond Movies! With the correct training, guidance and practice, surveillance can be a realistically achievable career for any age and skill set. This course has been designed as an introduction to surveillance and aims to develop skills in establishing the most appropriate surveillance strategy and implement the most effective and efficient equipment and methods.

Who is the course for? The course is for everyone from people new to the industry to experienced people who want to brush up or refresh their skills. The more practice you do in surveillance, the more proficient you get.


Our 5 day course includes the following.

  • Assessing a situation and establishing a successful and time/cost efficient surveillance strategy
  • Planning and preparation to provide the best chance of a successful operation
  • Legal compliance – what’s allowed and not allowed
  • Vehicle choice and driving guidance
  • Covert vehicle trackers – including fitting, monitoring and reporting
  • Covert video and audio use
  • Surveillance van – equipment requirements
  • Team communications – radio/earpiece systems including communication code
  • Camera and photography use and how to get best results
  • Foot surveillance – avoiding detection and maintaining contact
  • Anti surveillance – how to detect that you are under surveillance on foot or in vehicle
  • How to present evidence and the law

*5 day Course £1,000*


Additional consultancy can be provided for:

  • How to establish and grow process serving as a business
  • Building a client network
  • Guidance on admission to the Association of British Investigators (ABI)
  • Membership and use of nationwide network of trusted investigators


We have a 10 day advanced surveillance course which goes more into depth in all the above subjects and gives extra valuable practical training.

Contact us to either book onto the course or ask any questions:
01279 215 577 / 07914 883 058